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Brustro Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker Sets (CG B (6))

Brustro Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker Sets (CG B (6))

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Sayani Chakraborty
Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker Sets (CG B (6))

It's a must have.

A brand known for producing high quality materials. During the extensive development and design phase the Brustro marker was continuously tested and improved. The result is a marker that strikes through its unique design and stands out through his performance. With its colored plastic parts a quick and neat handling of the Brustro Marker is possible.

The marker is equipped with a fineliner- and a chiseltip and with markings on the barrel to recognize the tips. Durable tips from the Japanese producer who has a leading position in the market. The series consists of 72 Non-toxic alcohol-based ink colours to give every illustration an exclusive and sophisticated look. Also a "colourless blender" for creating colour gradients is available.

The range of brilliant colors offers everything your heart could desire – whether graffiti writers, professional comic artist, architect or design student. Buy the markers individually or in a set.Set of 6 Cool Grey Shades (Incldues: Cool Grey ll 0, Cool Grey ll 2, Cool Grey ll 4, Cool Grey ll 6, Cool Grey ll 8 & Black) in a Blister Pouch. Brustro is a registered trademark of Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd.


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