About us

What do you get when you combine art, with a passion for creativity, and a vision of catering to all the needs of the artists?

Brustro is a one-stop shop for artists and hobbyists, and anyone who loves to create art. We have been supplying an exquisite assortment of premium art materials for artists, for over more than 10 years now. Whether it’s classic old pastel colours or the latest colour technique on the block that you want to experiment with, we have got what you need to fulfil your artistic endeavours. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality products at affordable prices so that you can focus on what matters the most—creating your own masterpiece!

We have a strong, customer-focused approach which continuously quenches the thirst of art enthusiasts. Directed towards supplying materials worth being lauded,

Brustro has become a leading name in the Art World. We believe in the power of creativity and innovation by bringing together a community of art lovers, which is why we have curated a space which allows you to channel your artistic instincts into a flamboyant reality. Discover new art forms and art media with us, as you explore a wide horizon of tools to express your true self through artistry. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to craft your vision with ease.

A passion project of two art lovers, Pankaj Maskara and Shilpa Maskara, Brustro provides a fresh perspective on art and creative culture, offering an unprecedented experience for artists and artisans. Our range of art materials includes a diverse selection of papers, brushes, paints, pencils, and more which allows you to express your artistic ideas eloquently.

  • Pankaj Maskara: Founder and CEO

    Back in the year 2006, while Pankaj was bringing imported art supplies
    to India, he realised the vacuum of a brand in the country which could deliver
    quality art supplies at a reasonable price. Being a passionate and visionary
    entrepreneur, this dearth triggered the foundation of a home grown brand
    “Brustro” which was started with papers and canvases. It became a registered
    brand of his company Creative Hands in 2009. The years that followed was filled
    up with his dream project taking shape in the form of Brustro expanding its
    catalogue to encompass a wide range of art supplies from easels to brushes,
    paints to mediums, pencils to charcoals and much more. He is working with the
    mission of making “Brustro” a first choice brand for all artists.


  • Shilpa Maskara: Co-founder

    Shilpa who has been Inclined towards art
    from a very young age, joined the company started by her husband. She was super
    thrilled to start their own brand, ‘Brustro’ which is a combination of two words

    “Brush” and “Stroke”.

    Her knowledge of commercial art found its use in developing different products in
    the brand. Her in-depth knowledge of art supplies has been a blessing for the
    brand which has immensely benefitted the company for research and development.
    Leading the designing, product developing and marketing teams, her presence
    complements Pankaj’s role of heading the administrative, purchases and sales
    teams. Together, they are known as power couple by many in the industry.