Shipping policy

  1. Shipping Methods: Clearly outline the shipping methods available, such as standard shipping, expedited shipping, or any other options you offer.

  2. Shipping Costs: Provide details on shipping costs for different shipping methods or order values. Include any free shipping thresholds if applicable.

  3. Shipping Times: Specify the estimated shipping times for each shipping method. This helps manage customer expectations regarding delivery times.

  4. Processing Time: Mention the time it takes for you to process orders before they are shipped out. This could be 1-2 business days for example.

  5. Shipping Restrictions: List any restrictions on where you can ship orders, such as specific countries or regions that you do not ship to.

  6. Tracking Orders: Explain how customers can track their orders, whether through a tracking number provided via email or by logging into their account on your website.

  7. Lost or Damaged Items: Detail the steps customers should take if their order is lost or arrives damaged. This could include contacting customer support for assistance.

  8. Returns and Exchanges: Include information on your return and exchange policy related to shipping, such as who is responsible for return shipping costs.

  9. International Shipping: If you offer international shipping, provide information on additional costs like customs duties and taxes that may apply.

  10. Contact Information: Make sure to include contact information for customer support related to shipping inquiries.

    Item Out Of Stock:

    In the unlikely event of a product getting out of stock post-order, we will reach out to you via call or email. You can get another product if you desire. The remaining products will be shipped. If we have received the payment for the product which is out of stock, we shall refund it.