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Brustro Tabletop Drawing Painting Easel A3

Brustro Tabletop Drawing Painting Easel A3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Happy with the purchase

Awesome product. Totally comfortable and can be placed on a narrow table too. It has a stable base, which gives us confidence to deal with long strokes.


I really appreciate how easy it is to carry around. Highly recommended!

  • Brustro easel is fully Adjustable Surface For Drawing, Painting And Designing.
  • The easel is easy to transport, travel and carry.
  • Solid Hardwood with Natural Beechwood finish.
  • Expanding the abilities of your workspace with multiple angle adjustments.Dimensions 46X28X5 cm
  • Perfect for tabletop drawing, sketching and designing. Holds books and cookbooks also. For both Student & Artist.

The Fully Adjustable Surface For Drawing And Designing! The Brustro Adjustable Drawing This drawing and designing workspace is made entirely of maple-colored beechwood and then beautifully finished with a clear lacquer protection.

The workspace is attached to a wooden base, which allows you to easily adjust the board.

The bottom edge of the Brustro Adjustable Drawing Board features a sturdy ledge that can hold art tools, small works of art, sketchbooks, paper, panels or thin canvas. SKU-BRSDEA3

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