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BRUSTRO Self Outline Metallic Marker Set Of 8

BRUSTRO Self Outline Metallic Marker Set Of 8

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Anjuma Saha
BRUSTRO Self Outline Metallic Marker Set Of 8

Great Product.

Waterproof, Alcohol based, Low odour, Non-toxic, Quick drying

1. Metallic Self outline markers. These markers write in vivid metallic silver surrounded by 8 coloured borders creating a magical dual colour effect.

2. Easy to use. With the cap on, shake the marker well to mix the ink. Then take off the cap and gently press down the tip of the marker on the surface a few times to pump the ink until it starts to flow.

3. To be used only on white or light coloured paper. Also writes on other non-porous surfaces like plastic, metal, ceramic and glass and are waterproof on them, but they are non  permanent on them.

4. For hand lettering crafts, graffiti, travel journal, DIY activities, poster making, card making etc.

5. Store in a horizontal position and shake well before each use.

6. The 8 colours include: - Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple Sky blue, Blue, Green and Black


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