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Brustro Professional Artists' HEAVYBODY Acrylic Paint Packs - 50ML Pack of 12 - Pastels

Brustro Professional Artists' HEAVYBODY Acrylic Paint Packs - 50ML Pack of 12 - Pastels

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Dreamy Pastels

Incredible pastel palette, creamy texture. Ideal for soft, dreamy artworks. A must-have for artists exploring delicate color schemes.

  • These Artist quality Acrylic paints are Highly pigmented . High viscosity . Excellent lightfastness . Exceptional brilliance . High coverage . UV Resistant . Intermixable. No fillers, dyes or extenders used .
  • These heavy body Acrylic paints have an exceptional smooth buttery consistency with highest lightfastness . Retains the palette knives/ brush strokes on canvas, hence making them perfect for impasto work.
  • Compatible with all acrylic mediums and also can be thinned with water for washes and striking watercolour effects .
  • They are ideal for mural work, canvas painting, photo realism and fine detailed painting or in any work requiring intense smooth colours.
  • contains - Skin Tone Light, Yellow Lt.Hansa, Yellow Green, Vermilion, Aqua Green Light, Zirconian Blue Hue, Azure Blue, Permanent Light Violet, Raw Canvas, Naples Yellow Light, Skin Tone Mid, Raw Sienna.


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