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Brustro Professional Artists' Acrylic Ink Set of 12 x 20ml

Brustro Professional Artists' Acrylic Ink Set of 12 x 20ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Srijan Sharma
A must have

These acrylic inks provide intense pigmentation and smooth application.

Amazing set of colours

Bright and vibrant

J. Víctor Morales Mendoza
Brustro Professional Artists' Acrylic Ink Set of 12 x 20ml

All shades are soo good to use

  • Brustro Professional Artists’Acrylic Inks come in a stunning 12 intermixable colours, including metallic gold and iridescent. These bright, intense colours are heavily pigmented and can be used in many applications like calligraphy, pen and wash, technical drawing and airbrushing as well as watercolour techniques on paper and painting on prepared canvas. It’s a great tool for mixed media.
  • The pigments are very finely ground into a surfactant base then mixed with an acrylic binder which is flexible but tough and dries to make all the colours fully water resistant making wet on dry techniques much easier. All the colours are intermixable making wet on wet painting, such as watercolour applications, exciting and challenging.
  • The metallic gold offer interesting additions and effects due to the different surface tension of these colours and can be added to the other colours to make them metallic. The iridescent can be mixed wet or dry with any colour to make it pearlescent. Brustro Acrylic Inks can be thinned with water adding to their versatility.
  • They are perfectly compatible with all Brustro professional acrylics range for layering and mixing. Brustro Acrylic Inks should be shaken well before use as the fine pigment particles will separate over time from the binder. This is completely normal. Simply shake the bottle, Due to the nature of the metallic pigments in gold and iridescent, these inks will require more vigorous shaking. Shade names: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise, Bright green, Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Black, Gold, Iridescent.


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