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Brustro Pastel Paper Roll, Shade - Black, Size - 75 cm (30") X 10 mtr

Brustro Pastel Paper Roll, Shade - Black, Size - 75 cm (30") X 10 mtr

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Laxmi Kapoor
Brustro Pastel Paper Roll, Shade - Black, Size - 75 cm (30") X 10 mtr

super grainy gives superb results to dry media

Brustro High quality drawing paper from Fabriano. 160g/m2, high rag content, acid-free, pH neutral and with high archival permanence. Grainy, rough paper which is neutrally sized. Very good pigment uptake and therefore best suited to soft and oil pastel but also for pencil, grey and brown chalk, gouache and acrylic. 30 inches x 10m roll

  • Made from 40% Cotton, 60% Sulphite, this acid free paper has a pleasant felt finish making it excellent for endpapers, pastels, pencil, graphite, charcoal, tempera, air brush and watercolor.
  • Brustro pastel paper roll can also be used for art prints, silkscreen and lithography. Mouldmade in Italy, pH neutral, sized, no deckles. This is a great versatile roll paper and at an incredible price.
  • Roll size: 30 inches x 10 m roll , and 160gsm weight. Color: Black Grain


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