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BRUSTRO Notes A5 Size, 1 Subject Ruled Notebook, 80 sheets / 160 pages, 70 gsm Ivory paper, Caramel Cover

BRUSTRO Notes A5 Size, 1 Subject Ruled Notebook, 80 sheets / 160 pages, 70 gsm Ivory paper, Caramel Cover

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Aparna Mhatre
Super smooth surface

This book is cute. Im not fan of planer books but I have been using brustro old notebooks since 2019. but what's impressive is that it has smooth surface which help me to write better & peacefully. Also, this book can handle fineliner Inks too. Really loved it.

  • Acid-free, Extra smooth paper that resists smudging and feathering, makes it perfect for all types of writing and drawing. Fountain Pen Friendly.
  • Round Corners, Single Lines, and Micro-Perforation for Enhanced Usability. Waterproof, durable PP cover ensure your notes stay protected and look great.
  • Premium A5-sized notebook with 160 pages of 70 gsm ivory paper for a superior writing experience. Size - 14.8 cm x 21 cm / 5.8” x 8.26”
  • Convenient PP pocket to keep loose papers and important documents in one place. Ideal for Students and Working Professionals
  • Available in a range of elegant colours, including Lime, Caramel, Aqua, Slate, and Blush, to suit your style.
  • sku-BRNOSA5C

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