Brustro Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour Quill Mop Brush Size 10

Brustro Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour Quill Mop Brush Size 10

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Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour Quill Mop Brush Size 10.

Impeccable Detailing for Watercolor Artists.

  • Bristles – Selected synthetic hair which is perfectly imitated to the Kolinsky hair in elasticity and liquid holding capacity, Round and full bristles with a pointed, exact tip are closely arranged for detail, The round shape is perfected for water retention and pointed tip allows cutting into tighter corners and painting more precisely.
  • Ferrule and Handle – Synthetic quill ferrule mounted on a beautiful short mahogany handle. Useful for covering the large surface and absorbing excess media, Very high elasticity, Very high liquid holding capacity, Perfect shape retention, Great precision.
  • Seamless ferrule is durable and long-lasting, Exceptional paint pickup, and steadiness in paint release, Handle design is elegant and comfortable, Handle is contoured and sculpted for a secure grip that is effortless.
  • For watercolour applications and all liquid media – blending and softening. Also, very well suited for varnishing and washes, Ensures a high level of control for precise expressions and strokes, Lightweight high quality.
  • Wet on wet techniques without flooding the paper. With quill mop brushes, an artist can exercise more control over the painting as more and more layers of water and pigments are added.
  • Sku-BR55903.10

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