Brustro Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour Cat's Tongue Brush Size 1/2" Inch

Brustro Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour Cat's Tongue Brush Size 1/2" Inch

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  • Bristles – Selected synthetic hair which is perfectly imitated to the Kolinsky’s hair in elasticity and liquid holding capacity. Unique, triangular, pointed tip facilitating thick and thin lines with ease, Very high liquid holding capacity, Very high elasticity and flexibility.
  • Ferrule and Handle – Sturdy nickel-plated brass ferrule mounted on a short mahogany handle. Springy and exceptional snap, Perfect shape retention, Handle design is elegant and comfortable.
  • Seamless ferrule is durable and long-lasting. The handle is contoured and sculpted for a secure grip that is effortless, Ensures a high level of control for precise expressions and strokes, Lightweight high quality.
  • For watercolour applications and all liquid media, For precise strokes and edges, 3 in 1 – Cats tongue is known for its versatility. The springy point allows you to create thin lines with the springy point, medium lines with the edge and wide strokes and washes for large areas with the flat side.
  • Ideal for feathering and layering, Ideal for area work, fine details and long swelling lines, Finessing delicate glazes with ease.
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