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Brustro Pouring Medium Fluid Art Kit

Brustro Pouring Medium Fluid Art Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anjana singh

Worth combo i loved it ..

Brustro Pouring Medium Fluid Art Kit

Great Combo

Brustro Pouring Medium Fluid Art Kit.

Fantastic Kit for Mesmerizing Fluid Art!" 🎨🌊

  • Brustro pouring medium is designed to reduce crazing. Dries clean, glossy & flexible.Permanent, non-yellowing and water resistant once dry. This pouring medium is Ideal for high gloss thick glazing and poured marbling technique.
  • Set of 12 Basic acrylic colour 12 ml tubes. Adheres to a great variety of surface like paper, canvas, wood and earthenware These Acrylic Paints are perfect to create textured effects, brush marks and palette knife impressions
  • The kit consists of – BRUSTRO Pouring Medium 200 Ml , BRUSTRO Artists’ Acrylic Colour Set of 12 Basic Colours X 12ML Tubes , and 2 pcs of Brustro 10″ x 12″ Canvas Board Medium Grain


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