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Brustro Calligraphy Pen Set of 12

Brustro Calligraphy Pen Set of 12

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Debasish Roy
Brustro Calligraphy Pen Set of 12.

Top notch quality.

Brustro Calligraphy Pen Set of 12

beautiful writting by this calligraphy pen ...loved it

  • Includes an assorted set of 12 vibrant colours; 2mm fine chisel nib
  • Rich in pigments - has a juicy ink flow that is perfect for bold, italic lettering, High quality archival ink that is fade resistant
  • Water-based pigment ink is fast-drying, lightfast and water-resistant
  • Provides crisp, consistent lines even after extended, heavy use; glides on paper.
  • A convenient all-in-one tool for beginners and professionals alike

Create beautiful italic and calligraphy writing, perfect for invitations, cards with Brustro Calligraphy Pen Set. It has a 2 mm fine chisel tip that allows the rich, juicy ink to flow perfectly for attractive calligraphy work. Its water-based archival ink loaded with rich pigments is quick-drying, fade-resistant and lightfast and makes sure your calligraphy projects stand the test of time. Recapping after use and storing the pens in a horizontal position will prevent the tip from drying out and ensure a smooth start every time you pick up the pen.


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