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Brustro Bleedproof Marker Pad 70 GSM A3 ( Contains 50 Sheets )

Brustro Bleedproof Marker Pad 70 GSM A3 ( Contains 50 Sheets )

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Anurag negi


Mahima jha
Brustro Bleedproof Marker Pad 70 GSM A3 ( Contains 50 Sheets )

Thank you brustro for this amazing quality product

Brustro Marker Pads papers are semi-transparent, bleed-proof, solvent-resistant, non-fading, non-wrinkling white, acid free drawing paper. This lightweight, specially-coated paper from BRUSTRO is specifically designed for brilliant renditions by alcohol-based markers. The thin 70gsm paper is semi-transparent, allowing you to trace over images and make renderings while referencing an original sketch, and the special bleed-proof paper coating means the marker ink won't soak through and stain the sheets below. The coating also ensures that less ink is wasted during the creative process, as colors sit up on top of the paper instead of soaking in, making for vibrant colors and sharp lines. Ideal for Alcohol based markers, Solvent based inks. Pens & Pencils, Charcoals & Pastels, Excellent for layouts, rough comps, renderings & blending tones. Perfect for artists' & amateurs. Made in France. Available in 2 sizes. Brustro is a registered trademark of Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd.


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