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  • ADJUSTABLE: Multipurpose apron 21” wide x 24” tall for unisex sizing. It features an adjustable neck strap & waist tie that allows you to customize its size and enjoy the perfect, most comfortable fit.
  • PROFESSIONAL APRON: Handcrafted from water-resistant canvas. High-quality utility apron will protect your clothes from getting dirty
  • VERSATILE TOOL POCKETS: Easy access tools/accessories pockets in front (6 large pockets and 4 small pockets) easy to store your tools in the pockets, built to cater to your everyday need. It also has 4 slots to hold items like pens, pencils and brushes.
  • BROAD USE: Perfect for all kinds of work and is ideal for home or studio, garden, or craft table use. An ideal apron for art &craft, painting, gardening, woodworkers, restaurant, kitchen, etc.
  • Available in 2 colours : black/ beige

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