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Brustro Artists' Metallic Gouache Set of 18x12ml

Brustro Artists' Metallic Gouache Set of 18x12ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Must buy for metallic lovers

I was very frustrated with metallic watercolors and then brustro gave this amazing surprise of metallic Gouache paint. There's no tension of smudging. These colors works awesome.

Amani Roberts
Brustro Artists' Metallic Gouache Set of 18x12ml

Highly Pigmented color ❤❤

  • Comes in a set of 18 unique, shimmering metallic shades to add highlights and reflective qualities to your artwork in 12ml tubes
  • Highly pigmented with a smooth creamy consistency; vivid, intense metallic colors with a rich, velvety matte finish.
  • Strong covering power; being opaque, colours spread out uniformly from light to dark over already painted areas without lifting the underlying paints. Lightfast, water-based, quick-drying, non-toxic and suitable for artists at all levels
  • Intermixable - mixes well with colour pencils, inks, and acrylics; great for mixed media work; excellent workability, durability, and blendability
  • Works best on paper, boards, wood, and primed canvas; perfect for fine art and illustration, wall and furniture décor

Brustro Metallic Gouache is highly pigmented, has an intense matte metallic finish and achieves its opacity from the heavy pigment load.

The metallic tone is perfect for adding highlights and reflective qualities to accentuate your artwork making it suitable for indoor art applications.

These paints can be used to achieve different kinds of textures right from bold, opaque coverage to blending, glazing and layering. The easy-to-apply and wash feature makes it nearly effortless to continue to layer and work without having to wait.


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