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Brustro Artists' Laptop Painting Box with a Palette

Brustro Artists' Laptop Painting Box with a Palette

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sujata Roy
Brustro Artists' Laptop Painting Box with a Palette.

Portable and Convenient Painting Kit.

Ripu Daman

The best part is the storage compartments, perfect for organizing my brushes and tools. It's like having a mini art studio wherever I go. And that wooden palette? Genius! It's super convenient and just makes my painting sessions smoother. If you're an artist, you need one of these, seriously.

  • Brustro box contains a wood palette,and it's lid can hold brush,if your brushes is in use ,you can also put it inside the box , the box won't dirty.
  • Comfortable carrying handle. Overall size:32.5 X 25 X 7.5cm. Contains a wooden palette and it's lid can hold brushes
  • This is crafted from very hard oiled beech wood with a rich natural finish.
  • Great for artists and students who enjoy drawing and painting outdoors and in the studio

Strong, durable and portable wooden box for storing art supplies with a removable wooden palette and five storage compartments.

Stores paintbrushes and other mark making tools in the larger compartments and the smaller tools in others. The size of out box is 32.5 X 25 X 7.5cm. Plus a wooden palette, it is convenient for your painting.

This easel is crafted from very hard oiled beech wood with a rich natural finish.SKU-BRLE

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