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Brustro Artists' Heavy Duty Table Easel

Brustro Artists' Heavy Duty Table Easel

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Surachita Saha
rustro Artists' Heavy Duty Table Easel.

Compact, Durable tabletop Easle.


I can't stop smiling since I got my hands on the Brustro easel! It's like my new art buddy.

  • Brustro easel is lightweight & portable. Constructed of oiled, stain-resistant beech wood.
  • Canvas can be angled from vertical to a horizontal or table position. Canvas holder height is adjusted in five positions.
  • Can hold canvas up to 54cm in height.
  • Ideal for oil and as a tall stand for books and manuals. Dimensions when fully extended are:- 48 X 37 X 36(64)cm.

Brustro Artist easel is crafted from oiled beechwood, this heavy-duty table easel can be used on any flat surface, and it adjusts easily from a vertical to a horizontal position, folding completely into the base.

This versatile easel features a top and bottom canvas support that accommodates canvases up to 54cm. It’s also great for sketching, pastel painting, and to display artwork, books, and promotional materials at art fairs, studios, or galleries.

Lightweight and portable. SKU-BRHDTE

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