Brustro Artists' Fixative 400 ml spray can ( Made In Spain )

Brustro Artists' Fixative 400 ml spray can ( Made In Spain )

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The archival quality is really commendable.

Brustro Artists' Fixative.

"Brustro Artists' Fixative provides excellent protection and preservation for my artwork, ensuring vibrant colors and longevity."

Transparent, non-yellowing and non-removable fixative spray. Shake the can vigorously for one minute. The balls inside will rattle to ensure uniform mixing of the product inside. Always spray vertically from a minimum distance of 25cm from the surface. Apply thin and fast multiple coats to avoid dripping. Keep intervals of 5 minutes between each coat. Ideal for pastels, pencils, charcoals, graphite and chalk drawings. After using the spray can each time, invert the can and spray till no product comes out to avoid the obstruction of the valve and help it keep clog-free.


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