BRUSTRO Artists' Coloured Pencil Set of 24 (in Elegant tin Box)

BRUSTRO Artists' Coloured Pencil Set of 24 (in Elegant tin Box)

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BRUSTRO Artists' Coloured Pencil Set of 24 (in Elegant tin Box)

Extremely high quality product

aradhana gupta
Coloured Pencil Set of 24 (in Elegant tin Box)

Must buy. Quality is too good.

Every shade has been formulated using finely ground pigments chosen for their intensity and resistance to UV rays. Strong coverage and mixing capacity allow for different applications like drawing, illustration, colouring, blending and layering while the softness enables subtle blending and graduation.

Shades - BR72 White, BR73 Cream, BR01 Ivory , BR06 Mustard, BR24 Peach Puff, BR23 Dawn, BR22 Beige, BR20 Baby Pink, BR74 Candy Floss, BR75 Beaver Brown, BR57 Sand, BR76 Ginger , BR77 Burnt Ochre, BR61 Cinnamon, BR62 Mahogany, BR60 Walnut, BR63 Dark Chocolate, BR78 Burnt Umber, BR64 Cedar, BR79 Beige Grey, BR80 Ash Grey, BR68 Warm Grey, BR81 Prussian Blue, BR71 Black.

  • Artists' Grade Professional Coloured Pencils includes 24 vibrant shades; 4mm leads. Thick, soft wax-based cores, Highly pigmented and fade-resistant leads
  • Unsurpassable light-fastness. Break- resistant .Blends easily, smooth, rich laydown
  • Excellent colour saturation. Non-toxic and environment friendly


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