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Brustro Artists’ Colour Pencil Set of 72 with Wiro Pad A4-160GSM & Slim Battery Operated Automatic Eraser

Brustro Artists’ Colour Pencil Set of 72 with Wiro Pad A4-160GSM & Slim Battery Operated Automatic Eraser

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vishruth Athreyas.S
Good product, Helps if you include a sharpener

color pencil is good ,the electric eraser is the best

Pallasri Saha
Colour Pencil Set of 72 with Wiro Pad & Slim Battery Operated Automatic Eraser

Vibrant Colors, Great Accessories!🌈📔✏️

Brustro Artists’ Colour Pencils includes 72 vibrant shades; 4mm leads. Thick, soft wax-based cores, Highly pigmented and fade-resistant leads. Unsurpassable light-fastness. Break-resistant. Blends easily, smooth, rich laydown.

Brustro Drawing & Sketching Wiro Pad A4-160GSM,30 sheets is acid-Free. Ideal for dry media. Also suitable for Pencil, Pen, and Ink, Charcoal, Pastels, etc.

Brustro Slim Battery Operated Automatic Eraser with 22 refills and 2 eraser holders with a sleek design. Comes with 10 pieces of 2.3mm eraser refills and 12 pieces of 5mm eraser refills. This pack includes 2 eraser holders to hold both 2.3mm and one metal clamp to hold 5mm erasers. The 2.3mm eraser can be used to create tiny parts like hair, small patterns and shapes.

Note: Requires 2 AAA batteries. ( Batteries not included ).


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