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Brustro Artists' Canvas Board Medium Grain 18"x24" (Pack of 4)

Brustro Artists' Canvas Board Medium Grain 18"x24" (Pack of 4)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
bishnu tamuli

Brustro Artists' Canvas Board Medium Grain 18"x24" (Pack of 4)

Shekhar manjhi
Brustro Artists' Canvas Board Medium Grain 18"x24

Best quality

Simone Thapa

What I love most about these canvas boards is their affordability without compromising quality.

An economically priced painting board, ideal for mediums like oils, acrylics, and alkyds. These premium rigid, multi-density fiberboard panels are covered with 100% cotton and Double primed with 8 oz titanium acrylic.

The Brustro artist canvas boards are warp-resistant and acid-free. Brustro is a registered trademark of Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd.

All Media Artist Canvas.High-Quality MDF Board.

100% cotton cloth for better strength. Double coats of primer & one coat of acid-free sizing.

Rigid Support. Medium Grain Texture.Universal Coating - suitable for all painting techniques.

Ideal for Oils & Acrylics.


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