Brustro Artists' Acrylic Paper 400 GSM A4 (Pack of 9 + 3 Sheets)

Brustro Artists' Acrylic Paper 400 GSM A4 (Pack of 9 + 3 Sheets)

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Based on 4 reviews
Arpita gupta
Recommended 👍

I love the versatility of this paper. Not only is it suitable for acrylics, but I've also used it with other mediums like gouache and ink, and it has exceeded my expectations each time. The paper's ability to hold the colors vividly and resist any bleed-through is truly impressive......Go for it 👌👌

Raunak Dasgupta

High-quality acrylic sheets should offer excellent clarity and transparency to showcase artwork effectively.

Vanshika Srivastava

Hi i have bought this paper and the results are so satisfying ...truely high quality and premium paper

Kajal Arora
Brustro Artists' Acrylic Paper 400 GSM A4 (Pack of 9 + 3 Sheets)

This paper are soo good...

Brustro Artists' Acrylic Paper is fourdrinier-made paper with prime quality cellulose pulp, high-quality, lignin-free, cold pressed that's acid-free and archival, guaranteeing inalterability over time. The heavy weight of the paper, its textured surface, and its internal and external sizing make it Ideal for acrylic, and recommended for oil and tempera. Perfect for artists & amateurs. Made in Italy. Brustro is a registered trademark of Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd.


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