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BRUSTRO Artist Oil pastel set of 24 (Pastel Tones)

BRUSTRO Artist Oil pastel set of 24 (Pastel Tones)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
madhu agarwal

Loved the colours

Soft and blendable

The colors are super amazing. Pastel palette has just the perfect shades. Extremely pigmented and soft!

Ashutosh Singh
Best oil pastels

I have received the colours successfully, the packaging was good, the colours are super soft, easily blendable and allows to overdraw them on any colour, even the package was delivered one day before delivery.

Gayathri K
Lovely pastel tones

The best addition to my recent collection.
Pastels are so soft creamy flowy and easy to Blend.
The end gives a uniform photo like like look

Likhil Kaladharan A
"Brustro's 24-Piece Oil Pastel Set: A Kaleidoscope of Creative Possibilities"

The Brustro Artist Oil Pastel set of 24 is well-regarded by artists for its quality and versatility. It offers a diverse range of colors with smooth application and rich pigmentation, making it suitable for various artistic techniques such as blending and layering. Overall, it's a popular choice for artists looking to create vibrant and expressive artwork.

  • Pastel set of 24 high-end oil pastels with a smooth velvety finish.
  • Rich vivid colours with a high pigment load.
  • Blends easily and is great for layering and shading.
  • Fade-resistant, formulated with finely ground pigments to give even colour with wide coverage.
  • Perfect for creating illustrations, drawings, realistic art, etc., it can be used on paper, boards, and canvas. Ideal for professionals and students alike.
  • Shades- Lemon Chiffon, Soft Ivory, Blush Apricot, Pastel Dijon, Pale Mustard, Sandy Beige, Muted Orchid, Dusty Rose, Serene Iris, Lavender Violet, Salmon Peach, Strawberry Milk, Peach Sorbet, Coral Cream, Hazy Azure, Whispering Blue, Minty Aqua, Celestial Seagreen, Pastel Kiwi, Mint Green, Icy Jade, Frosted Fern, Spring Sprite, Mellow Moss.

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