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Brustro Acrylic (DIY) Marker Set of 5 (Fluorescent Shades) for Craftworks, School Projects, and Other Presentations

Brustro Acrylic (DIY) Marker Set of 5 (Fluorescent Shades) for Craftworks, School Projects, and Other Presentations

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Based on 2 reviews
Brustro Acrylic (DIY) Marker Set of 5 (Fluorescent Shades)

Amazing colours, super smooth finish. I love how beautifully it adds vibrancy to art. It works amazingly well in MDF too. Highly recommended.

Acrylic (DIY) Marker Set of 5 (Fluorescent Shades)

Easy application, vivid shades, and long-lasting results

BRUSTRO has come up with the most exciting new addition to graffiti and street art. The new Brustro ACRYLIC Marker range offers a Fine 3mm Japanese Fibre Nib Tip in 14 brilliant water-based, pigmented, matte acrylic colors that are perfect for both interior and exterior use. The optimum flow control pump valve system allows accurate handling and application. The pigment water-based ink in Brustro Acrylic Markers is lightfast, waterproof, and abrasion-proof, allowing it to be applied to almost any surface, including canvas, Paper, poster, wood, metal, walls, porcelain, plastic, and glass. The advanced technology in these pens helps provide colours that are truly opaque, its high-grade pigments give excellent coverage even on dark surfaces. Water resistant and UV resistant so you can use it safe in the knowledge it won’t fade. Shades - Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Green.


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