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Brustro Folding Box 33 Well Plastic Palette 26X13CM

Brustro Folding Box 33 Well Plastic Palette 26X13CM

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brustro Folding Box 33 Well Plastic Palette 26X13CM

quality is extremely high

Sayema Shirin Rahman
Amazing product

The quality is good and the palette is so helpful.

  • Made of durable, white, lightweight plastic, 100% recycled materials. Large work area (26x13cm).
  • Built-in handle. Ergonomic design for right or left-handed artists.
  • Well-balanced for less hand and arm fatigue. It has 28 slanted wells plus 5 mixing areas, 5 holes for standing your brushes in.
  • The folding lid ensures that the paint does not need to be dry before packing away as well as adding more wells for different color mixing. Easy-clean surface.
  • Great for oil acrylic or watercolour paints. Perfect buy for artists' & amatures.

It's perfect for taking out and about, and also reduces waste, since any excess paint can simply be stored in the palette for next time. Measuring a generous 26CMX13CM, the Brustro Rectangle Shaped Folding Box 33 wells Palette also features an ergonomic grip thumb hole that sits comfortably in either the right or left hand — simply flip the palette over. It is ideal for both oils, acrylics & watercolours.

This allows easy clean up with acrylic & watercolours colors by means of using water or for oil colors with odorless paint solvents. Perfect buy for artists' & amatures.SKU-BRFP2613

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