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Brustro AquaStrokes Artist Brushes for Watercolour Gouache and Acrylics, Brush Set of 6

Brustro AquaStrokes Artist Brushes for Watercolour Gouache and Acrylics, Brush Set of 6

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Barcode: 8904149810365

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Versatile 👌🏼

I already tried these with acrylics, works smooth and are handy. One should definitely give it a try. The best part is that These are super soft and comes with short handle.

1.These synthetic hair brushes mimic the characteristics of natural hair brushes and are more durable, easier to clean, and tend to retain their shape.

2.The shorter handle provides better control and precision, allowing artists to work closer to the paper and have more control over their brushstrokes.

3. They have a good water-carrying capacity, allowing artists to easily load their brushes with water and pigment for smooth and controlled application of paint. 

4. These brushes offer a good amount of spring and resilience. They can snap back to their original shape after each stroke. This characteristic helps artists maintain control and precision in their brushwork.

5. This set comes with 3 rounds, one rigger, one flat and one filbert making it a versatile set for achieving different results. The pointed tip is particularly useful for creating fine lines, details, and intricate work, while the other shapes can be used for broader strokes, washes, and blending.


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