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Brustro Artist Heavy Duty Aluminium Metal Easel - Holds canvases Upto 47" inches (Easel Stand for Painting)

Brustro Artist Heavy Duty Aluminium Metal Easel - Holds canvases Upto 47" inches (Easel Stand for Painting)

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Kabari Roy
Brustro Artist Heavy Duty Aluminium Metal Easel Brustro Artist Heavy Duty Aluminium Metal Easel

Durable, Versatile, Accommodates Large Canvases.

Too good

It’s too good a product for amateur artist like me. Beyond my expectations. Thank you very much. No other cares for such minor details.just love the product. It’s stable ,well finished and easy to assemble and adjust . Don’t look at other easel at this price.


I needed something sturdy yet portable, and this easel ticks all the boxes.

  • Fold flat for storage or transport. Holds canvas upto 47".
  • Provides stable support . Rubber tipped legs Swing out brush and palette Holder .
  • Sliders for smooth moment of canvas holders 140 X 120 Cm.
  • Folded Length: 51"
  • Total Length: 59", & Weight: 3.2 kg , floor easel

Brustro has selected a comprehensive range of artists' easels to make up a range of essential items to ensure that our customers have all they need to get started. Choosing an easel is an important decision for any artist. The choice will vary according to the artist's style, preferred media, and quite often availability of space.

Aluminum and metal easels are a good option for the artist that wants a lighter weight, and often more portable, alternative to bulky Display wooden easels. Our range of fine-quality aluminum and metal artist Display easels ensures that we meet the specific needs and requirements of any artist while providing firm support and long-lasting service.


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