Understand the differences between Watercolour and Gouache

Understand the differences between Watercolour and Gouache

If you've dipped your toes into the enchanting world of painting, you've likely encountered the intriguing question of the differences between watercolours and gouache. These two mediums share some similarities, yet they each possess unique qualities that cater to different artistic needs. In this blog, we'll take a delightful dive into watercolour and gouache, exploring their characteristics and applications.



 What Sets Watercolour and Gouache Apart?

Watercolour and gouache are both water-based painting mediums, but they differ in opacity. Watercolour is transparent, allowing light to pass through the paint, creating luminous, layered effects. Gouache, on the other hand, is opaque, with a more solid and matte finish. This opacity makes gouache suitable for covering mistakes and achieving vibrant, flat colours, while watercolour excels in delicate, translucent washes. Additionally, gouache can be reactivated with water even after drying, while watercolour becomes permanent once dry. These distinctions make each medium unique, catering to different artistic styles and techniques.

Now that you've gained insights into the contrasts between watercolours and gouache, it’s crucial to venture further into the realm of artistic opportunities that lie ahead. Beyond these foundational distinctions, you'll soon discover a multitude of watercolour and gouache varieties, each with its own unique qualities. Brustro offers a wide range of artist-friendly quality products, tailored to meet the specific creative requirements of artists. In the subsequent sections of this blog, we'll explore the wide array of watercolour and gouache options that Brustro has carefully curated to address your creative aspirations.





Professional Artists' Watercolour

Looking to elevate your watercolour game? Our Professional Artists' Watercolour Half Pan set of 24 is here to ignite your artistic journey and cater to your creative needs. With brilliant, vibrant, and lightfast colours boasting a high pigment load, these watercolours are designed to elevate the work of artists. Their intermixability creates an extensive colour palette, while the elegant metal box, featuring a ring at the bottom, ensures convenience whether you're in the studio or plein air painting. As a bonus, a DIY swatch card is included for your creative reference.





Artist's Watercolour:

Imagine a palette bursting with pigment-rich colours that effortlessly glide across your canvas. That's precisely what Artist's Watercolour offers. With its brilliant shades, these watercolours can be applied on various surfaces, yielding bright, transparent hues with exceptional tinting strength. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist, these colours' intermixable and fade-proof nature ensures endless possibilities for your creative endeavours. Plus, with 24 and 12 shades to choose from, you'll have a broad spectrum to paint your dreams.




Brustro Artists' Watercolour Pan

For the artist on the move, the Brustro Artists' Watercolour Pan is a game-changer. Its innovative foldable design, available in 25 and 42 colours, makes it travel-friendly. This set also includes a mixing palette and an aqua squeeze brush, providing all the tools you need at your fingertips. What's more, it boasts refillable pans and even comes with a watercolour sponge, adding convenience to your creative pursuits.




Metallic Watercolour:

Metallic Watercolour: Enter the world of shimmer and shine with Metallic Watercolours. These 14 richly pigmented colours, infused with mica pigments and gum arabic, offer a beautiful metallic sheen. They activate effortlessly with a wet brush and work great with both light and dark-coloured papers. Ideal for highlights, calligraphy, card-making, and various watercolour techniques. The tin box comes with a magnetic lid and pans are magnetically placed which gives it more stability and access.





Artists' Gouache:

Gouache, in contrast to watercolour, offers high opacity with its rich pigment load. These versatile paints can be used straight from the tubes for an opaque finish or diluted with water for a watercolour effect. You can also mix them with different mediums, opening up endless possibilities. Achieve a uniform, matte, and streak-free finish with shades like Titanium white, lemon yellow, scarlet, and more, available in sets of 12 and 24 shades.




Artists' Metallic Gouache:

For a bold and bright matte velvet finish, turn to Artists' Metallic Gouache. These highly pigmented, opaque colours provide exceptional coverage, making them ideal for various mixed-media projects. Whether you're a professional artist, graphic designer, illustrator, or fine art student, these 18 available shades provide a playground for your creativity. A unique feature of this exceptional medium is its striking combination of a shiny yet matte finish, setting it apart from traditional metallic gouache. Unlike shimmering options, our Artists' Metallic Gouache offers a subdued, velvety appearance that adds a distinctive touch to your artwork. What makes this metallic gouache even more versatile is its compatibility with regular gouache; blend it seamlessly with colour pencils, inks, and acrylics to achieve stunning effects that enhance your artistic vision.




Artists' Gouache Titanium White

Recognizing the significant need for white gouache, we offer Brustro's Artists' Gouache Titanium White, an essential addition to any artist's toolkit, providing both convenience and creative freedom. It serves as a valuable tool for creating a custom palette when mixed with regular gouache. Furthermore, this exceptional gouache is available in convenient sets of two 40 ml tubes, making it a versatile choice for your artistic needs and enabling you to explore a vast array of creative colour options.





In a nutshell, watercolour and gouache are like two sides of a creative coin. Watercolours dazzle with their transparency and versatility, while gouache captivates with its opacity and boldness. Whether you're painting a dreamy watercolour landscape or creating a striking gouache illustration, both mediums offer a world of artistic possibilities. So, grab your brushes, embrace the magic, and let your imagination flow on your canvas of choice.

Happy painting!







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