Exploring Watercolour Paper

Exploring Watercolour Paper

Every brushstroke on watercolour paper is a moment of creative expression. Just as a musician selects their instrument, artists must choose the perfect canvas to bring their vision to life.

Brustro, a trusted name in art supplies, understands the importance of high-quality materials for artists at every level. In this blog post, we'll explore the enchanting world of watercolour paper, focusing on two main types: 25% cotton and 100% cotton and the different surfaces available


25% Cotton Paper





For beginners embarking on their watercolour journey, 25% cotton paper is an excellent starting point. It can handle moderate water usage and is commonly used by students and intermediate artists. Crafted from a blend of cotton and cellulose fibers, it strikes a balance between affordability and quality. Brustro offers 25% cotton paper in two weights: 200 gsm and 300 gsm. The weight determines the thickness and durability, with 300 gsm providing sturdiness for heavy washes and layering. It is preferred by professional artists who require high-quality paper with good water absorbency and resistance to buckling. Choose the weight that aligns with your artistic preferences and project requirements. While the 200 gsm papers in 25% cotton content are only available in Cold Pressed surface, the 300 gsm papers are available in both CP and Hot Pressed surfaces.


100% Cotton Paper




As your watercolour skills progress, the allure of 100% cotton paper becomes irresistible. Widely regarded as the gold standard for professional watercolourists, this paper offers unparalleled quality and longevity. Brustro presents 100% cotton paper on three exquisite surfaces: hot-pressed, cold-pressed, and rough. Each surface boasts a unique texture, empowering artists to create distinctive effects and manifest their artistic visions in captivating ways. All the variants of Brustro’s 100% cotton watercolour papers are acid-free and archival, meaning it will not yellow or deteriorate over time. Artworks created on high-quality cotton paper can remain vibrant and intact for many years, preserving the artist's vision for generations.






25% cotton Hot-pressed paper features a luxuriously smooth surface, ideal for intricate work and fine lines. This makes it ideal for artists who prefer fine details and precision in their artwork. Due to its smooth surface, hot-pressed paper allows watercolours to sit on the surface rather than getting absorbed quickly. This helps retain the brilliance and intensity of colors, resulting in vibrant and saturated paintings, making it a favorite for illustrations, botanical paintings, and detailed designs. The absence of texture ensures a consistent and controlled painting experience, enabling remarkable precision in watercolour artworks. The smooth surface and quick-drying properties of hot-pressed paper make it versatile for mixed media artwork. Artists can combine watercolours with other media like colored pencils, markers, and ink, taking advantage of the paper's ability to handle various materials.







100% cotton Cold-pressed paper, with its textured surface is considered the highest quality paper for watercolour painting and it adds depth and character to watercolour paintings. Striking a balance between smoothness and grain, it allows to absorb water and pigments effectively. The surface can hold a good amount of water without becoming oversaturated, giving artists more control over their washes and allowing for beautiful gradients and blending. The medium texture of cold-pressed paper makes it versatile for various watercolour techniques. It can handle both detailed work and looser, expressive brushstrokes, making it suitable for a wide range of artistic styles. It not only has a great lifting ability but can also withstand multiple layers of paint without buckling. Whether captivated by landscapes, loose washes, or expressive brushwork, cold-pressed paper breathes life into artwork. Its textured surface captures the essence of watercolour, enhancing visual interest and captivating the viewer's gaze.






For artists seeking a bold and adventurous approach, the rough paper offers a strikingly textured surface with pronounced grains. This texture can add a unique and expressive quality to watercolour paintings, creating interesting patterns and visual effects. Its pronounced tooth creates captivating effects, enabling exploration of the interplay between pigment and paper. The rough texture of the paper allows watercolour pigments to gather and settle into the indentations, creating beautiful granulation effects. Perfect for dynamic landscapes, textured effects, and bold, sweeping strokes, rough paper infuses energy and movement into watercolour paintings.

Artists who prefer loose and free-flowing watercolour techniques often gravitate toward rough watercolour paper. The texture encourages spontaneity and a more relaxed approach to painting, allowing the watercolours to blend and move in unpredictable ways. Rough watercolour paper has good absorbency, allowing it to hold a significant amount of water and pigment making it easier for artists to work in multiple layers and building up the intensity and depth of their paintings.


 Sizes for Every Artistic Vision




Brustro understands artists' diverse visions and accommodates them with various sizes. From compact A5 to full-size sheets and rolls for larger-scale projects, the perfect canvas awaits. Whether seeking an intimate space for delicate details or a grand expanse for immersive creations, Brustro has you covered.


Choose Your Perfect Canvas

To assist in finding the ideal watercolour paper, Brustro offers a comprehensive range of options. Our 25% cotton paper, available in hot-pressed and cold-pressed surfaces, is an excellent starting point for beginners and those seeking cost-effective solutions. For professionals and artists pursuing the highest quality, our 100% cotton paper in hot-pressed, cold-pressed, and rough surfaces unlocks a world of artistic possibilities.


Visit the following links to explore Brustro's watercolour paper collection and choose your perfect canvas for the artistic journey:

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100% Cotton Paper - Rough


With Brustro's exceptional watercolour papers, your artistic vision can take flight. Whether you're a beginner honing your skills or a professional pushing creative boundaries, our range of 25% cotton and 100% cotton papers will provide the ideal surface for your watercolour masterpieces. Choose Brustro, choose quality, and embark on an artistic exploration that captivates and inspires. Let the magic of watercolour paper unfold as you create breathtaking artwork reflecting your unique artistic voice.



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